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Balaji Dairy Farm

Spread over 65 acres as divided 5plots of land in Batticaloa District. Into this 5Acres Main Farm office and model Farm in Sathrukondan,Batticaloa the Balaji farm boasts of being srilanka’s largest breeding farm, housing up to 250 cows+400 heifers and equipped with many Integrated technology, which has mechanized the whole milking process and in turn maximized quality and hygiene. This world class facility meticulously follows specialized farming, nurturing, breeding and a milking program that makes sure that the milk obtained is wholesome and of the highest quality.

Balaji dairy is the first organised seller servicing the needs of the premium dairy sector. Balaji dairy farm is authorised srilanka distributor for Pure cow ghee and breeding materials Together, breeding Technologies and balaji dairies can help you develop your optimum herd of bigger, stronger healthier animals from well practiced feeding system with the guarantee of 95% milk productions. Farmers, then have the choice of greater income from extra milk production or from the sale of livestock or both.

Using better feeding from Balaji Dairy can be a game changer for every dairy farm's financial health. Farmers can plan and predict the growth of their herd both in numbers and genetics. Ensuring 95% of the new arrivals are females and of higher dairy performance traits helps farmers increase milk production to a very high degree in a short span of time. Improved genetics further helps farmers ensure that the growth achieved in the second generation is sustained in future reproduction cycles also.

Balaji Dairies is closely associated with Many Dairy Ventures companies all over the world, Srilanka’s biggest dairy farm operator and the biggest Dairy farm consultants.

Balaji Dairy Farm is first of its kind company in srilanka, specifically focused on enabling its clients to improve or start up their dairy enterprises by offering Sexed Semen in addition to well bred pregnant Holstein Friesian, jersey cross heifers for sale. These heifers are carrying calves conceived with natural breed of semen, meaning your herd’s next generation is bigger, stronger and faster to reach milk production than a domestic animal.

The future can be greatly improved with Heifers-quality animals and Dairy Farming consultancy from Balaji Dairies.


Sourcing your livestock from Balaji Dairy gives you an immediate competitive advantage over buying from multiple sources. This is achieved by reducing risk reducing risk and improving your opportunity for greater profitability greater profitability. Balaji Dairy improves your herd by offering you scientifically reared and grown animals, bred with the best of international breeding system, including sex selected semen.


Balaji Dairy is srilanka’s first organized breeder and seller of quality animals for the dairy sector. Run by a team of experienced professionals and experts, Balaji Dairy allows you to build or start your dairy herd with animals of unprecedented quality.
Our experience ensures that not only do we produce the best available animals, but we understand your requirements in depth.
Balaji dairy has a wide selection of high quality pregnant holstein friesian ,jersey heifers for sale. These heifers have been grown by Balaji dairy, in our own 5 farms, and bred by us, in our own dedicated breeding station. This assures you that you are purchasing certified disease free animals, pregnant with the finest calves to build your next generation of herd. We use only the highest quality imported semen and also bull mating for those who seek extra assurance. Some of the stock available for sale currently is listed here, but please contact us directly so we can discuss your personalised requirement.
Balaji Dairy enables you to purchase your entire requirement for a dairy farm startup from one source, mitigating your risk of disease, unknown factors such as date of pregnancy and allowing you to plan and make projections properly.
Buying from Balaji Dairy makes sense financially through better milk yields, stronger healthier calves, known dates of conception and a decreased mortality risk. All these factors combined make Balaji Dairy your ideal source of quality pregnant heifers for your dairy business.
You are welcome to visit our farms and meet our expert, to see for yourself why the animals you purchase from Balaji Dairy are the best available in srilanka, allowing you to buy with absolutely confidence. Additionally, Balaji dairy has taken a step ahead in bovine sales, offering the market a new, organized, transparent way to buy dairy cows and calves.


Reducing risk when expanding or starting your dairy herd is an important step towards both increasing profits, and being able to project a stronger future for your business. Aggregating or growing a herd has inherent risks involved relating to disease especially. But with the balaji dairy model, you can mitigate these risks.
When you select new animals from diverse sources, you bring the diseases from each of those sources to your farm. If you don’t have a quarantine unit, all these different diseases can put your existing animals at risk, as well as each of the new ones as they do not have the immunity a stable biosphere provides. Not only does this cost you money in treating disease, but it can also lead to increased abortions, stillbirths and mortality.
Purchasing your entire requirement from Balaji Dairy enables you to cut these risks. Not only are you purchasing animals who are protected by a proper program of vaccination and good care and nutrition, but you are reducing the number of different disease sources you expose all your animals to.
Balaji Dairy helps you accumulate a healthy and stable herd and reduces the risks involved in herd aggregation.


Increasing Srilanka’s milk production means that profitability has to improve for farmers. The best way to improve profitability is through improving the quality of animals in your herd in terms of the milk they yield for the values you input.Balaji Dairy offers a one stop solution for this herd improvement which will increase your milk yield and profitability over purchasing animals from diverse, un-organised sources.
Improve your herd’s performance today and tomorrow by purchasing your next generation from Balaji Dairy Farm

About Us

Dr. Kurien ushered in ‘White Revolution’ in India with ‘Operation Flood’, the largest project for dairy development in the world. As a direct result, India became self sufficient and global leader in milk production and dairy farmers the architects in their own development. Like this we have to change the srilanka’s milk production history and our Farmers should get full of knowledge about upgraded farming feeding technologies to get better milk production

This revolution led to an increase in milk production many fold which led to the co-operatives declaring milk holidays around Pune. This adversity was circumvented by Dr.Tharaneeswaran Ph.D (our Founder & Chairman) by helping farmers by sharing knowledge about modern farming and secret of feeding for the higher milk production. And thus was born Balaji Max,Balaji Dairy and Balaji Foundation

Balaji Dairies and Trading Co., founded in 2012, is one of srilanka’s elite private sector dairy company, with a diverse portfolio in over 4 consumer centric product categories. We pride ourselves for providing the best global source of expertise and scientific knowledge in support of the development and promotion of quality cow’s milk and milk products, to offer consumers nutrition, health and well-being.

We aim to identify, elaborate and disseminate best practices at all our infrastructures, a dairy farms set on global standards, a modern fully automated Ghee production plant with state of the art technology, right now a ghee plant with traditional way of making ghee like made at home and an UHT milk processing plant using the best Traditional method.

We Produce Pure cow Ghee of truly international quality under internationally approved method an array of processed and natural pure cow ghee, under the brand names of 'Balaji Max' ,all made from 100% fresh cow milk. Balaji Brand is a brand of fresh farm- to –home Ghee



Should be able to trust our brands. This is why food quality is a fundamental requirement for Balaji. We make every effort to ensure that our processes are safe, and that high quality standards are maintained throughout the supply chain.


We strive to optimize the potential of milk across a host of exciting dairy products to fill each day with imaginative and healthy options for our consumers. We believe that milk in all its wonderful forms is one of nature’s most nutritious foods and anyone who consumes milk products daily, benefits from vital nutrients that the body needs. Fulfilling dietary nutritional requirements is a source of great joy and creativity for us.

A small company also has larger responsibilities. While Srilanka expect to be a larger milk producer,we are going to contribute to providing best herds to the local Farmers and spread the new method of gfeeding to get better milking yield. and the commodity has become an important source of income for 7million rural households, the output per animal is dismal. A key area of focus for us is to help farmers and milk producers to boost animal productivity. The enhanced participation and involvement of the private sector is key to further agricultural marketing practices and to make milk and its derivatives more accessible and affordable to Srilanka. In this regard, we deploy state- of- the- art technology to enhance productivity.

We also seek to drive innovation in milk and milk products through our well-diversified portfolio of brands that deliver dairy products to international standards of quality. To add value to people’s lives every day. We at Balaji live and breathe our corporate slogan of ’outsmart not outspend’.

Our Consumers
Should be able to trust our brands. This is why food quality is a fundamental requirement for Balaji. We make every effort to ensure that our processes are safe, and that high quality standards are maintained throughout the supply chain.

Dairy innovation
Focus on dairy innovation, enables us to produce an array of products that make milk moments nutritious, healthy, and enjoyable and we market them under well targeted portfolio of brands.

Partnership with the dairy farmers
We are working with dairy farmers to enrich their lives, and set new standards for sustainable dairy production by providing healthy animals and sharing best feeding method for good milking.. We want to use our resources in a sustainable manner. By having a long term environmental strategy we can help make this happen.

Good citizenship
We want to influence the development of society and set an example through our best practices. To make quality milk,pure cow ghee and world class breeding materials such as heifers,Pregnant heifers and milking cows accessible to the masses. As a large private sector dairy player, we have the opportunity to do so.

Building long-term relationship with local communities
We strive to uphold respectful and constructive community relations, and contribute to the development of communities by building long-term relationships with people, businesses and organisations.