• Profitability
    Sustainability Competitiveness

  • Profitability
    Sustainability Competitiveness

  • Profitability
    Sustainability Competitiveness

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Welcome to Balaji Dairy Farm

  • Mission

    Should be able to trust our brands. This is why food quality is a fundamental requirement for Balaji. We make every effortMore..

  • Vision

    We strive to optimize the potential of milk across a host of exciting dairy products to fill each day with imaginative and healthy options for our consumers. More..

  • Balaji Dairy Farm

    Spread over 65 acres as divided 5plots of land in Batticaloa District. Into this 5Acres Main Farm office and model Farm in Sathrukondan,Batticaloa Read More..

  • Balaji foundation

    Balaji Foundation is a network of international volunteers dedicated to awareness, education and action regarding cow protection (go raksha) as Read More..



Dr. Kurien ushered in ‘White Revolution’ in India with ‘Operation Flood’, the largest project for dairy development in the world. As a direct result, India became self sufficient and global leader in milk production and dairy farmers the architects in their own development. Like this we have to change the srilanka’s milk production history and our Farmers should get full of knowledge about upgraded farming feeding technologies to get better milk production

This revolution led to an increase in milk production many fold which led to the co-operatives declaring milk holidays around Pune.

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Our Services

  • Animals for Sale

    In our farm we have quality animals for sale. this heifers grown up with highly pedigreed with less medicines it means local farmer can


  • GHEE

    Balaji Max is a brand that caters to the traditional Indo srilankan family, residing in both urban and rural areas. The products


  • Dairy Consultancy Services

    We are providing Tailor made Project proposal and design, Implement the Dairy Farm projects according to Client’s budget.