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  • Profitability
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Our Products

Balaji Max is a brand that caters to the traditional Indo srilankan family, residing in both urban and rural areas. The products under the Balaji brand are Balaji Pure cow Ghee, ones that the consumers are highly familiar with which are Ghee, Milk.The promise of Cow’s milk, purity and taste are the brand's core rationale. Through invoking a sense of festivity and association with customs and tradition, the brand adds life to products. we are exporting pure cow ghee to Hindu Temples, worldwide to use for cooking, lamp and pooja with the name of cruelty free cow’s milk product.

Animals for sale
In our farm we have quality animals for sale. this heifers grown up with highly pedigreed with less medicines it means local farmer can buy healthier heifers to get better milk production

We are providing Tailor made Project proposal and design, Implement the Dairy Farm projects according to Client’s budget.



Should be able to trust our brands. This is why food quality is a fundamental requirement for Balaji. We make every effort to ensure that our processes are safe, and that high quality standards are maintained throughout the supply chain.


We strive to optimize the potential of milk across a host of exciting dairy products to fill each day with imaginative and healthy options for our consumers. We believe that milk in all its wonderful forms is one of nature’s most nutritious foods and anyone who consumes milk products daily, benefits from vital nutrients that the body needs. Fulfilling dietary nutritional requirements is a source of great joy and creativity for us.

A small company also has larger responsibilities. While Srilanka expect to be a larger milk producer,we are going to contribute to providing best herds to the local Farmers and spread the new method of gfeeding to get better milking yield. and the commodity has become an important source of income for 7million rural households, the output per animal is dismal. A key area of focus for us is to help farmers and milk producers to boost animal productivity. The enhanced participation and involvement of the private sector is key to further agricultural marketing practices and to make milk and its derivatives more accessible and affordable to Srilanka. In this regard, we deploy state- of- the- art technology to enhance productivity.

We also seek to drive innovation in milk and milk products through our well-diversified portfolio of brands that deliver dairy products to international standards of quality. To add value to people’s lives every day. We at Balaji live and breathe our corporate slogan of ’outsmart not outspend’.